Impacting policy makers, teachers, school leaders, career advisors and industry, the Erasmus+ STE(A)M IT project aims to strengthen the educational landscape by promoting innovative and cross-disciplinary approaches to STE(A)M teaching in education. The outcomes to promote innovative integrated STE(A)M practices at school level include:


Today, in general in Europe, in secondary education, STEM disciplines continue to be taught in an isolated way. There are no STEM classes, in general, there are S classes, T classes, E classes, M classes. And not even the S is “one”. There are Physics classes, Chemistry classes, Biology classes, etc.

In order to really get students to see the interest of STEM degrees and careers, and even more importantly, show students, and society at large, the key role that STEM plays in improving our lives and their need for our future, we need STEM to be taught in an integrated way.

We need all the components of S to work together. All the letters in STEM to work together. And even better, for all the subjects to work together STE(A)M. We need to apply measures to teach the different disciplines in an integrated way, connected to real-life issues. We need “to steam education”. If we “STE(A)M IT”, we can ensure future citizens will be ready to tackle any issues in society, in a collaborative, critical and efficient way.

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