The STE(A)M IT project aspires to create the first framework for integrated STE(A)M education in Europe, and provide teachers with examples of integrated STE(A)M Learning Scenarios produced in the context of the project. Another aim of this project is to develop a capacity-building programme for primary schools teachers and secondary STEM teachers, based on this framework, with a particular focus on the contextualization of STEM teaching, especially through industry-education cooperation.

In order to achieve this, the first STE(A)M IT co-creation workshop on integrated STEM education took place online, during the 38th Science Projects Workshop, on the 28th and 29th of February 2020.

This event brought Ministries of Education, industry representatives and STEM education experts together with the 12 lead teachers and of the STE(A)M IT focus group and the project coordinators to discuss the First integrated STEM teaching framework currently under development by the project.

The workshop was very interesting, as the forms of online sharing were varied and adapted to the type of meeting and it worked very well.

Some of the themes worked on were:

  • Definitions & advantages of Integrated STEM teaching;
  • Real-world challenges & how different pedagogies can approach them;
  • Integrated STEM Teaching State of play & the STE(A)M IT Master Learning Scenario;
  • Good examples of Integrated STEM teaching;
  • Learning Products, Methodologies and the Master Learning Scenario template;
  • What to consider while developing your Learning Scenario: the Scientix Repository of Resources and Copyrights;
  • Develop their STE(A)M IT Learning Scenario and present it

Since then, the 12 lead teachers have created integrated STEM Learning Scenarios produced in the context of the project, with the objective of implementing them in their classroom together with their support teachers.

Curious to know more?

You can find the presentations from the event below:


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