The 1st European integrated STE(A)M reference framework will be aimed at practitioners, policy makers and other educational stakeholders, aiming to mainstream innovative practices in education.

The 1st European integrated STEM reference framework will be co-designed by ministries of education as well as a focus group of STEM teachers. Ministries of education will have the opportunity to exchange their experience and practices and define collectively the concept of integrated STE(A)M education.

Exploitation of the framework

The integrated STE(A)M education reference framework will be presented to all Ministries of Education in a governing body meeting of European Schoolnet and EUN will help all Ministries to adopt or adapt the framework either in an experimental way or more broadly. It will furthermore be widely disseminated to policy makers, teacher trainers, head teachers, teachers and industry representatives at EUN’s Eminent 2022 conference, which will constitute STE(A)M IT’s closing event.

Lastly, an executive summary of the final First European Integrated STEM Framework report will also be published and translated into 9 additional languages. This executive summary will include recommendations for policy and practice to facilitate the adoption of the integrated STE(A)M education reference framework by schools. The executive summary will include infographics and testimonials from stakeholders.

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