STE(A)M teaching is integrated STEM teaching and aims to introduce students to STEM topics in a connected manner.  Because no subject should be taught in isolation if they are to make sense in the real world, the (A) for ‘all’ helps further contextualise teaching by connecting STEM subjects to other fields.

To support this approach, the STE(A)M IT project created the first European framework for integrated STEM teaching, offering knowledge and theory, resources, and guidance to support the endeavour of revolutionising STEM teaching for the 21st century.

The 1st European integrated STE(A)M reference framework is aimed at teachers, heads of schools, ministries of education (MoEs), industry partners in STEM and EdTech, researchers and other educational stakeholders, aiming to mainstream innovative practices in education.

Lastly, an executive summary of the final First European Integrated STEM Framework report is published and translated into 9 additional languages. This executive summary gathers the key elements of the First European Integrated STEM Framework.