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Do your students show interest during biology classes? Are they eager to work in the science of life field, but they are also passionate about computer science? If they don’t know how to combine these two fields, they let them know about the Bioinformatician career! Bioinformaticians work at the crossroads between the science of life and computer science. They design software to help researchers develop new drugs, improve quality control in agribusiness or preserve biodiversity for example. Are your students curious about how to become one of them? Scroll down to know more!

Interview of Myriam Badawi, about pursuing a career as a Bioinformatician.


Find out about the key skills to become a Bioinformatician.


For a Bioinformatician is essential to know how to programme to develop specific software for a wide variety of purposes such as biodiversity preservation.

Scientific Computing

It consists of the collection of tools, theories and techniques required to solve a computer mathematical model of problems in science.


A great part of the scientific research is in English, so it’s necessary to have a proper understanding of the English language and translation skills.


You might lead a team, so as a Bioinformatician leadership is an essential skill to carry out your job.

Critical Thinking 

Being a Bioinformatician requires strong critical thinking skills to create software and databases to collect information from the living.


You need to get used to facing daily complex problems, and also understand and solve them.

Meet Myriam Badawi

Myriam Badawi is a Bioinformatician currently working at the Biology Department of Le Mans University. Myriam does research in Bioinformatics, Evolutionary Biology and Genetics. Her current project is on evolutionary genomics of micro-algae.

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