Welcome to the STE(A)M IT career advisers network! This section is meant to evolve as the project progresses, so keep an eye on it to discover new content!

What can you expect to find on the STE(A)M IT career advisers network?

The project is working on developing a network of career counsellors at the secondary school level to help them increase their understanding of emerging STEM careers and the skills needed for these careers. To make this possible, the project will work closely with professionals and industry representatives to create a repository of STEM jobs profiles as well as guidelines on how to present STEM jobs in classrooms.

In this interactive section of the STE(A)M IT portal, career advisers and teachers will be provided community will also provide with hands-on and ready to use materials to help students to see the interest of STEM degrees and careers. They will also be able to exchange and provide testimonials and feedback on the challenges they are facing and how they will use or used STE(A)M IT materials to overcome these challenges.

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