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Serife Uygun Takmaz

“It is a great opportunity to collaborate and share experiences with STEM teachers from other countries.”

Snježana Marković-Zoraja

“My goal is to develop an interest in STEM on a daily basis. I’m happy to be a part of STE(A)M IT.”

Irena Ribinskienė

“I have gained the STEM MOOCS PACKAGE- Certificate of Completion for the STEM Is Everywhere and Integrated STEM Teaching MOOC.”

Sabrina Nappi

“STE(A)M IT is enrichment for students and teachers, the key to preparing for future careers.”

Margarita Dakoronia

“I am a primary school teacher who loves innovation and creativity in educational procedures.”

Nektarios Farassopoulos

“It is never too early to start learning more about STEAM careers.”

Silvana Jakimovska

“Teaching Math is Art. It’s not only about the math contents and tasks, but young minds and hearts, and so many challenges.”

Erviola Konomi

“As a Scientix and eTwinning ambassador, I like to apply different methods to my teaching and orient students in STEM education.”

Kadriye Zobu

“STEAM is the most effective, sustainable and aesthetic way of learning. Let’s Explore STEM Careers!”

Stella Magid

“Believe in what you do and do what you believe in”

Georgia Lascaris

“Computer Science teacher, lifelong learner, technology and STEAM enthusiast, Eu Code Week leading teacher, Scientix ambassador.”

Stavroula Skiada

“Being a member of this Network gives me the opportunity to increase my students’ interest in STEM degrees and careers.”

Roxanthi Nikou

“Knowledge through interdisciplinary lenses means…curiosity, critical thinking, creativity, collaboration! Let’s challenge the future through STE(A)M-IT altogether!”

Elena Corina Rogoveanu

“Keep your skills fresh and spread the passion.”

Irene Papadopetraki

“I strongly believe that STE(A)M IT offers unique challenges which can help students determine their career path. “

David Puliti

“STE(A)M actively foster the development of 21st-century competencies and we must give our youth every possibility to cultivate them.”

Ceyda Özdemir

“I am working for Ministry of National Education – Directorate General of Innovation and Educational Technologies as Project officer.”

Ira Tuba

“I am a computer science teacher and I think STEM is the future of education. I am happy to help bring it closer to everyone”

Anna Borawska

“Career adviser, coach, fields of study: economics, psychology of social communication, mathematics.”

Christina Lousta

“Hope through STE(A)M IT project to help colleagues and students discover and love STEAM world and careers.”

Georgina Dimova

“Teachers know their students’ abilities and interests. They should advise them well about their future careers.”

Malgorzata Kulesza

“STE(A)M skills and mindsets are essential to solving the world’s biggest sustainability challenges (SDGs).”

Kristina Krtalić

“It is a great opportunity to participate in STE(A)M IT project, which shows what teaching should look like in the 21st century.”

Hlias Spanos

“I teach IT in 1 GEL Aigiou. I am a Scientix ambassador and I love using STEAM.”

Theoni Dimopoulou

“The talent I have been blessed with is speed and tenacity at whatever I do.”

Nikolaos Makris

“Kids are natural scientists. We as teachers just have to inspire them.”

Makri Aliki-Maria

“Science is not only about knowledge, but it is also a way of thinking.”

Nicoleta Barbu

“If you can dream it, you can do it.”

Mario De Mauro

“Excellence is not a long-term aspiration. Excellence is the ultimate short-term strategy. Excellence is the next five minutes.” – Tom Peters

Iraklis Karagiannis

“Be less curious about people and more curious about ideas.”

Nektaria Giakmoglidou

“An artist and art teacher motivated to expand her interests in science, nature and archaeology, who faces life with humour.”

Rachel Bradley

“Excited to embark on this journey and gain more in-depth knowledge about STEM Careers in order to inspire and guide students further!”

Bilyana Yordanova

“I like teaching, technology, innovation and creative things. I am a CodeWeek Leading teacher and a Scientix Ambassador.”

Zoi Kofina

“Being part of the CAREER ADVISERS NETWORK is a great opportunity for me to be involved in the essential chapter of guiding the next generation of STE(A)M professionals!”

Georgios Chatzigeorgiou

“I am a biology teacher and deputy director and coordinator of the Erasmus + and STEM projects at the 2nd General Lyceum of Oreokastro”

Danica Nikolić

“Creative, innovative, responsible, communicative, cooperative, imaginative, team player, ready to improve and learn, always ready to help, proactive, inspirative, productive, a lover of methodology.”

Daniela Lungoci

“Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today” – Malcolm X

Wim Broos

“Work well in a team and create together the skills for the future”

Honorata Pereira

“I’m a Physics and Chemistry teacher and STEAM project coordinator at Eptoliva, a Portuguese professional school.”

Jasin Hodžić

“We are all connected; To each other, biologically. To the earth, chemically. To the rest of the universe atomically.” – Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Maria Messaritou Papagapiou

“Inspiring children to be the best version of themselves. Enabling them to be the architects of their own future.”

Barbara Callerani

“I want to tell students how to face future challenges, inspiring them to STEM careers”

Álvaro Molina

“Mathematics teacher in secondary education,
Scientix Ambassador in Spain.
Collaborator of the Descubre Foundation
for the dissemination of Science in Spain.”

Ana Dragovic

“Always ready to share my enthusiasm about STEM with my students.”

Limor Ben Shitrit

“I believe that Tools for choosing and developing a scientific career are acquired during school.”