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What does it mean to be a Commercial Manager in the STEM industry? Are your students interested in discovering how to make a unit run smoothly? Interacting with old and new clients of the company and making sure that your team is efficiently operating are only some of the everyday tasks of Commercial Manager. Every large company that operates a commercial business, in almost any field, might look for Commercial Managers. Such a position demands having obtained both engineering and commercial background. But above all, being a Commercial Manager in the STEM industry can be an exciting and challenging career path! Are you students thriving for challenges? Help them discover their new calling!

Webinar with Paul Ruigt and Jochem Meijknech about their experience related to their career path


Find out about the key skills to become a Commercial Manager.


Negotiating new contracts with clients and displaying exceptional communication skills during interaction with colleagues and clients is essential for being successful in this career.


Since a project does not always go according to plan, Commercial Managers need to be flexible and think on their feet.

Project Management

Having a good understanding of a project’s end goal and being able to point out the importance of its project phase is a core part of this job.

Social skills

A Commercial Manager has to make sure that the teams they work with are on the correct path. Therefore, leadership skills are valuable assets.

Strategic Planning

It is essential to be able to evaluate the value of the projects according to the business strategic goals.

Analytical Reasoning

Using analytical reasoning to evaluate situations is essential to adapt the projects to new circumstances of the market.

Meet Jochem Meijknecht

Jochem Meijknecht is a Commercial Manager responsible for commercial and operational activities of the LyondellBasell Propylene system in Europe. Together with a team of seven, he coordinates the sales from 4 crackers and purchases for 11 Poly-propylene and 3 Propylene-Oxide plants. Having joined LyondellBasell in 2014, he previously held the role of Business Consultant for the Global Gasoline Components team. Jochem holds degrees in Finance and International Relations and worked for 3 years at the Netherlands Institute of International Relations.

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