Integrated teaching practices competitions for primary and secondary competition results

The winners of the Competition for Primary schools are:

  • Elisa Ripamonti, Samantha Maranesi, and Ilaria Rubertà, Italy, “Right colours….? Our colours!”
  • Maria Rosaria Gentile, Filomena Liberti, Maria Concetta Di Ciaccio, and Lidia Maria Mele, Italy, “Climate sentinels” with the support of Rossella De Angelis, Francesca Lucreziano, Leopoldo Turco, Dr Oreste Luongo, and Dr. Christian Lavarian
  • Roberta Colombo (Italy), Margarita Dakoronia (Greece), Despina Armenaki (Greece), Anatoli Vrocharidou (Greece), Athanasia Glezaki (Greece), Chrysoula Georgakopoulou (Greece), Inmaculada Mollá Todol (Spain), and Maria Pau Vilaplana (Spain), “Can you see? Saving our world, it’s up to you and me!”

The winner of the Competition for Secondary schools are:

  • Vesna Ančić, Croatia, “Plant colors of science and art”
  • Nikolina Bubica, Barbara Mandušić, and Milana Gujinović, Croatia, “Playing with meteorological data -what could we find out?”
  • Mesut Ulu, Turkey, “Ultrasonic Volume Measurement with Arduino Physical Programming”

The STEM Alliance & STE(A)M IT – Professionals Go Back to School Competition results

The winners of the Professionals Go Back to School Competition are:

  • Álvaro Molina Ayuso, Spain, “Meet a Phylogenetic Plant Ecologist Researcher”
  • Sabrina Nappi, Italy, “Build your Future – Financial Education”
  • Selda Topal, Turkey, “Heroes Hidden in Electricity”
  • Stella Magid-Podolsky, Israel, “No Dream is too far: The Rakia Mission as a bridge to SPACE & STEM”
  • Mario de Mauro, Italy, “To Smoke or Not To smoke? It’s not questionable!”

Rocío Benito

Rocío Benito

I am a Digital Media Officer in the Science Education Department of European Schoolnet (EUN). I studied mass media, and graphic and web design. I love photography and video editing.

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