Integrated teaching practices competitions for primary and secondary competition results

The winners of the Competition for Primary schools are:

  • Elisa Ripamonti, Italy, “Right colours….? Our colours!”
  • Maria Rosaria Gentile, Italy, “Climate sentinels”
  • Roberta Colombo, Italy, “Can you see? Saving our world, it’s up to you and me!”

The winner of the Competition for Secondary schools are:

  • Vesna Ančić, Croatia, “Plant colors of science and art”
  • Nikolina Bubica, Croatia, “Playing with meteorological data -what could we find out?”
  • Mesut Ulu, Turkey, “Ultrasonic Volume Measurement with Arduino Physical Programming”

The STEM Alliance & STE(A)M IT – Professionals Go Back to School Competition results

The winners of the Professionals Go Back to School Competition are:

  • Álvaro Molina Ayuso, Spain, “Meet a Phylogenetic Plant Ecologist Researcher”
  • Sabrina Nappi, Italy, “Build your Future – Financial Education”
  • Selda Topal, Turkey, “Heroes Hidden in Electricity”
  • Stella Magid-Podolsky, Israel, “No Dream is too far: The Rakia Mission as a bridge to SPACE & STEM”
  • Mario de Mauro, Italy, “To Smoke or Not To smoke? It’s not questionable!”

Rocío Benito

Rocío Benito

I am a Digital Media Officer in the Science Education Department of European Schoolnet (EUN). I studied mass media, and graphic and web design. I love photography and video editing.


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