Being an Electrician is a very important role since they make sure that electricity reaches houses and offices. Are your students excellent in physics and mathematics? Do they enjoy experimenting with electrical circuits? Do they want to learn more about this fascinating career? Then, find out more about how to become an Electrician with Duran Sezer.

Meet Duran Sezer

For this STEM Job Profile, we talked to Duran Sezer, Electrician for and Electricity Distribution Company. One of the main challenges for electricians is safety concerns because they are exposed to several electrical hazards. An Electrician can be a dangerous job, but it is very necessary for our society. In this profession, physics and mathematics are important, but it also requires interdisciplinary work.

“Electrical wires, poles, and transformers, which fail a lot on stormy winter days, intensify the work. Sometimes we have to climb high voltage lines that seem very dangerous. But if we don’t work, electricity cannot reach homes and other places.”

Curious to find out more about this job? Read about the related skills and scroll down to find and download his career sheet!


Find out the key skills to becoming an Electrician.


This is an important skill for an Electrician to understand the location of the fault and come up with alternative solutions.

Technical skills

Apart from physics and mathematics, an Electrician should stay updated on the latest technologies in the field.  

Attention to detail

Since this is a profession that can be dangerous, an Electrician must be careful and avoid making mistakes, as even the smallest ones can cause big problems.

Costumer Service

It is common for electricians to interact with clients, including contractors, designers and homeowners. Therefore, maintaining a positive disposition when dealing with costumers is a precious skill.


Depending on the project, an Electrician might work as part of a team. Therefore, having good collaboration skills represents an asset in this profession.

Time management

This profile usually requires working on set schedules. Electricians must adequate their time to the location and the electrical issue.

Advice to take away

“All professions related to energy will be very important in the future. STEM can help students solve real-world problems, such as meeting the energy demands of our world with clean energy sources. For this reason, I recommend students to engage with STEM subjects and professions.”

Duran Sezer

This career sheet was submitted by Selda Topal and is among the winners of the STEM Alliance & STE(A)M IT – Professionals Go Back to Schools Competition 2022.

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