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Have your students ever shown interest in translating conceptual and practical ideas into reality? Are they both creative and handy when it comes to hands-on activities? Let them know about a possible career as an industrial product designer! Industrial product designers are both creative and analytical people who come up with innovative and practical solutions for new products. Curious to know more about this job? Meet Marko Pavlović, an independent industrial product designer!

Interview for the STE(A)M IT Repository of STEM Jobs profiles with Marko Pavlović, an independent product designer.


Find out about the key skills to become an Industrial Product Designer.

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking helps designers in evaluating what is important for a certain
project, it like the peeling process. You start with a lot of data and factors and your job is to keep what is most important and find the right balance


For an industrial product designer, “skills like active listening, collaboration, and presentation of your work and negotiation with clients is important when communicating with your team members or your clients to get your ideas across and meet the expectations of your clients“.

Software Literacy

Before being able to create physical prototypes, industrial product designers often work with digital tools to develop virtual models of different designs. “In order to transform ideas into finished products, designers often have to use different hardware and software while knowledge of materials and production technologies grows with each new project“.


While being an industrial product designer requires high analytical skills, it also calls for creativity. From sketching design ideas to creating a marketable product, industrial product designer must be able to translate their abstract ideas into reality through drawings and physical prototypes.


An industrial product designer’s job is to evaluate how users might use a product. To find the perfect prototype, their job is not only to come up with a design idea but also to test different prototypes, find problems and solutions, and come up with the final version of the product.

Business Management

If you decide to become an independent industrial product designer, you will need to develop strong business management skills! As a self-employed designer, you need to find new projects and contracts and be able to maintain good relations with clients to ensure successful collaboration with them.

Meet Marko Pavlović,
an independent product designer

Marko Pavlović is a former student of the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Architecture and School of Design. Working as an independent product designer, Marko collaborates with domestic and foreign companies on creating unique design solutions. His works can be found in various product categories, but with a special focus on toys and puzzles. His latest invention is a 3D puzzle called Logiq Tower™. Marko’s projects in the toy category won numerous awards throughout Europe and the United States of America.


In this sixth episode of our STE(A)M IT STEM Careers Podcast, Ivana Jakić from the Croatian Ministry of Science and Education spoke with Marko Pavlović, an independent industrial product designer!

Knowing, from an early age, that he wanted to do something creative, Marko’s work can be found in various product categories, but with a focus on toys and puzzles. In this episode, Marko told us about his job as an industrial product designer. He also explained how industrial product design combines different STEM subjects, such as technology and engineering, but also relates to arts. His advice to students? Asking yourself: “do I want to change the world?”. Listen to the podcast and find out more!

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