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Are your students keen on creating atmospheres, enlightening others with their knowledge of electricity and even be involved in projects or events? Are they sometimes down-to-earth but also very creative? We have the perfect STEM career for them! Creative, quick thinkers but also meticulous, Lighting Engineers often design lighting control systems, but not only. Closely working with electricians and other peers, they often visit construction site or projects to check installations and ensuring that everything is under control. Discover more about the Lighting Engineer career profile and help your students bring their talent to the spotlight! Scroll down to get more information.

Interview for the STE(A)M IT Repository of STEM Jobs profiles with Neofytos Solomonidis, Lighting Engineer.


Find out about the key skills to become a Lighting Engineer.

Time Management

Often part of bigger projects that involve different kinds of fields, lighting engineers often have to work on very tight deadlines and having to shorten their own to meet their clients’expectations.


On construction sites, lighting engineers have to work with other technicians that might have a different understanding of electricity. That is why it is important to be communication and collaborative so everyone understands what is expected.

Problem Solving

Being a lighting engineer requires both quick thinking and problem-solving skills as sometimes engineers have to face unexpected situations and have to react quickly to avoid some delays.

Software Management

A key activity of the job is to use computer software to design lighting systems for the commercial and domestic building. Mastering and managing these software in unavoidable to follow this career.


Being able to negotiate is another important skill for his job since lighting engineers have to deal with delays in the construction site and find ways to reschedule the installations without dissatisfying anyone.


Lighting engineer might seem to be down-to-hearth, but it does not mean that they can not be creative. An important part of the job is devoted to find creative solutions to clients’ request and create innovative lighting systems.

Meet Neofytos Solomonidis

Neofytos Solomonidis works as a lighting engineer at the Lifestyle technologies, a company who designs and creates commercial and residential building automation solutions, for which Neofytos is a specialist in the lighting sector. Inspired by a friend who told him about the creativity needed for such a career, he decided to study electrical engineering at the University of Patras in Greece.


In this first episode of our STE(A)M IT STEM Career Podcast, we spoke with Neofytos Solomonidis, a lighting engineer at the Lifestyle technologies. Specialist in the lighting sector, Neofytos told us about how a typical working day as a lighting engineer looks like, but also about the challenge of his job and what inspired him to follow this career path.

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