In this seventh episode of our STE(A)M IT STEM Careers Podcast, Cecilia Marziali from European Schoolnet spoke with Nanco Dolman, a leading professional in Water Resilient Cities at Royal HaskoningDHV!

Seeing water as the driving force in nature and being a strong believer in the power of bridging disciplines, Nanco told us about a typical working day in his job in his field. He also explained what particular experiences led him to follow a career path in what he calls the blue-green sectorHis words to students? “It is a story about nature and moving towards an ecological lifestyle. After all, we are all part of an ecosystem”. Listen to the podcast and find out more!

CC BY 4.0: all the materials and content presented for this podcast episode have been co-created by STE(A)M IT, a project funded by the European Union’s ERASMUS+ programme project STE(A)M IT (Grant agreement 612845-EPP-1-2019-1- BE-EPPKA3-PI-FORWARD), in collaboration with the Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) phase 2, a pilot project initiated and funded by the European Commission Directorate-General for Research and Innovation. European Schoolnet (EUN) oversees the interviewing and creating of the NBS Career Sheets, with the support of VO EUROPE.

Ep7: Becoming a Leading Professional in Water Resilient Cities, interview with Nanco Dolman


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