Do your students show interest in management, economics, and social classes? Are they eager to learn about the world of project management and its professional opportunities? Are they good at planning, solving problems and are natural team leaders? Do they like to explore the field of STEM and social sciences? This job profile is for them! Project officers deal with everything connected to the successful completion of projects while leading and coordinating their team and ensuring the needs of stakeholders. Meet Marine LUC, Project Officer at AGE Platform Europe!

Meet Marine LUC

For this STEM Job Profile, we talked to Marine Luc. She is a project officer who works at AGE Platform Europe, where she works on IT development projects and research, in order to make sure that seniors are involved in co-creating and co-designing technological innovations from the start. Marine LUC bridges the gap between IT product developers and elderly people by advising them on adaptability and inclusivity for older age groups.

“I dedicate my time to raising the voices of older people in Europe. I’m working to raise awareness of the cause in the worlds of research, industry and the general public, to ensure that society becomes more inclusive and guarantee the rights of older people on an equal footing with all European citizens. We want an equal society at all ages”.

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Find out the key skills to becoming a Project Officer.

Active Listening

“If we don’t listen the person in front of us, we will never understand what is the challenge, what are the concrete needs and how we can bring a solution”.

Analytical Reasoning

“It is needed to take a step back and have a global picture of what the project need to achieve, the context in which we are working, and prioritize the most impactful actions.”

Project Management

“In some projects, I have more than 15 partners to manager for a great result. Project management is crucial to get the job done.”


“As I am working with partners from different fields, this is important to understand the various interest from all the partners so we can speak the same language with a smooth collaboration.”

Problem Solving

“Projects often encounter challenges and obstacles along the way. A project officer should be skilled in identifying problems, analysing the situation, and coming up with effective solutions.”


“Leadership is crucial for a project officer because it enables you to guide and inspire your team, make effective decisions, resolve conflicts, set a vision and strategy, and take accountability for project outcomes.”

Advice to take away

“Not wanting to find the perfect dream job is the first step in the world of work. We work for decades, opportunities come and go, and we have to take them when they fit our lives. The balance between professional and personal life is very important to me, and we have to look for a job that fulfils us and allows us to have time to spend happy moments outside work too. Each experience will enable you to gain confidence and grow, you just need to listen to yourself and keep your self-confidence, because if you believe in it, then the work will follow without even being perceived as a burden!”.

–  Marine LUC

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