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Do your students enjoy chemistry classes? Do they show interest in how medicaments and pharmaceutical products are made? Are they wondering how pharmaceutical companies guarantee their products are safe and have good quality? If they do so, they could pursue their dream job by becoming a research and development analyst. An R&D senior analyst oversees collecting data from the analyses, prepare quality control reports, and check that the products meet predefined specifications. This STEM job profile requires people with skills such as personal responsibility, time management, collaboration and problem-solving. To motivate them to follow this career path, introduce them to Petroula Economou, an R&D Senior Analyst!

Interview for the STE(A)M IT Repository of STEM Jobs profiles with Petroula Economou, a research and development senior analyst.


Find out about the key skills to become a Research and Development Senior Analyst.

Quality Control Analysis

The main task as an R&D senior analyst is to oversee the production of drugs and to make sure that they comply with the quality standards. “It is my main professional skill since it is exactly what I do”.

Personal Responsibility

Many people depend on the proper development of R&D senior analyst tasks. “I must be very careful with the chemicals that I use to avoid any accidents, and with the interpretation of the results to provide accurate and reliable outcomes”.

Time Management

When carrying out control tests, the R&D senior analyst needs to manage time properly. “I must complete analysis on time and provide the results so that the other departments such as the production department can proceed”.


R&D senior analysts work in a big team so collaboration is a must. “I collaborate with laboratory assistants, other quality control analysts and people from other departments to safeguard that all quality control procedures are made correctly”.


You might expect as an R&D senior analyst to face difficult situations and problems. “I am in charge of solving any problems that may arise during my job, such as accidents, methodological issues and collaboration issues”.

People Management

R&D senior analysts deal with many people from a professional point of view to carry out and oversee their tasks. “I supervise and support my team which consists of other control analysts and laboratory assistants”.

Meet Petroula Economou,
an R&D Senior Analyst.

Petroula Economou holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from the University of Cyprus, and currently works as a research and development senior analyst at Remedica pharmaceutical company. Inspired by a careers week event when she was in the university, she decided to follow a career path in pharmaceuticals.


In this 14th episode of our STE(A)M IT STEM Careers Podcast, Nikoletta Xenofontos from the University of Cyprus spoke with Petroula Economou, an R&D Senior Analyst!

Overseeing the analysis of the quality of pharmaceutical products in each production stage, Petroula Economou told us about her job as an R&D senior analyst. She also explained which the key skills are to develop her job and shared some advice for students, parents and teachers about finding the proper career path and the importance of webinars and careers week events to inspire students. Listen to the whole podcast to find out more!

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