Integrated teaching practices competitions for primary and secondary competition results

The winners of the Competition for Primary schools are:

  • Fevziye Dönmez, Semih Esendemir and Selçuk Yusuf Arslan, Turkey, “Find your Own Direction”
  • Georgia Lascaris, Irene Papadopetraki and Stavroula Skiada, Greece, “Technology to prevent Earthquakes, Safe Cities for all”
  • Elena Corina Rogoveanu and Nicoleta Livia Barbu, Romania, “UP IN THE AIR”
  • Snjezana Markovic-Zoraja, Croatia, “Save parks and plant trees”
  • Aliki Maria Makri, Iraklis Karagiannis, Nektaria Giakmoglidou, Nikolaos Makris, Roxanthi Nikou and Theoni Dimopoulou, Greece, “Doing Science in the Stone Age”
  • Ira Tuba and Danica Nikolic, Serbia, “Economic and social benefits of recycling”

The winner of the Competition for Secondary schools is:

  • Nikolaos Diamantopoulos and Ilias Spanos, Greece, “Let`s Rock! :with Python & Lego”

The STEM Alliance & STE(A)M IT – Professionals Go Back to School Competition results

The winners of the Professionals Go Back to School Competition are:

  • Kadriye Zobu, Turkey, “Exploring STEM Careers”
  • Nektarios Farassopoulos, Greece, “It is raining rocks!”
  • Jasin Hodzic, Bosnia & Herzegobina, “Let’s Meet a Head of Medical Laboratory!”
  • Zoe Kofina, Cyprus, “Pediatrician- A STEM Job Profile”
  • Álvaro Molina Ayuso, Spain, “STEM professionals go back to school to motivate vocations”
  • Özlem Kahraman, Turkey, “Girls in STEM”
  • Stella Magid-Podolsky, Israel, “Leveraging International Women’s Day for encouraging Stem careers”
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